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Are you an electronic musician looking to elevate your music to the next level?
Look no further than Rasart Records, the leading recording studio for electronic music in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Rasart Records has been the home to the legendary producer B-Splixx since 1992, providing unparalleled quality and innovation to electronic music production.

Our passion lies in the early nineties house music and its timeless vibe.
At Rasart Records, we are committed to helping you create the perfect sound for your tracks using the latest technology and equipment in our state-of-the-art recording studio.
Whether you need mixing, mastering, production or post-production, our team of experts is dedicated to making your music stand out.

Don't miss the chance to record your next electronic music masterpiece at Rasart Records.
Our studio is always ready to help you bring your music to life.
Whether you want to book a recording session or schedule a performance with B-Splixx, we're here to make your musical dreams come true.

As the great musician Louis Armstrong once said, "Music is life itself".
That's why we at Rasart Records are committed to helping you bring your music to life.
Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out, Rasart Records is the ultimate destination for electronic music production.
Contact us today to schedule a studio tour and discover how we can help you take your music to the next level.

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B Splixx releases on labels like; **Free Rat.. records, Frequency Shift Recordings & BLC Recordings and as an independent artist.
B Splixx is also looking for other record labels that want 2 sign and publish his music.
Releases on Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Shazam, Google Play, Beatport, Amazon etc.

Illegal Trixx
Illegal Trixx is a techno collab between dj/producer MOO5 (Mosis Overdosis) from Amsterdam and B Splixx and they bring techno bangers for the dancefloor on a steady basis.
Check the website of Illegal Trixx if you into raw uncompromised original techno!

**Free Rat.. records
Are you ready to experience the finest, freshest beats and dopest energetic dance vibes that will move your body and soul?
Look no further than Free Rat.. records, the cutting-edge electronic music label that is taking the dancefloor by storm!
With a diverse range of music styles including Original Future, EDM, Techno, Acid, Electronic, House-Music, Drum & Bass, and Hybrid.

**Free Rat.. records has something for every electronic music lover.
Not only do they release amazing tracks on a regular basis, they also offer recording and mastering services for artists and producers looking to take their music to the next level.

What really sets **Free Rat.. records apart is their sound design department for Commercials, Games & Movies.
These talented professionals can create any atmosphere or sound you're looking for, ensuring that every sound/vibe is a unique masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

So if you want to experience the very best in electronic music, look no further than Free Rat.. records.
Their producers have the skills and tools necessary to create vibrations that will fit any mood and be a pleasure for any ear to hear.
And with their commitment to working only with producers who have their own unique sound and style, you can be sure that every release is a timeless masterpiece that will move any dancefloor.

Check the website of **Free Rat.. records if ya into raw, uncompromised and original electronic music!

Producers singned to the label:
V-ibes! / Mister-V
Jerzz / Joey Pimp
Papaverhof / Beukhoven Sloopwerken
Raffie Rasart / B Splixx
M005 / Mosis Overdosis / D001E MU5
Illegal Trixx
DJ Sinister
D001E MU5

I am always up for collaborating! If you fancy making a track together, hit me up.

B Splixx tracks on Bandcamp

Enjoy The Music,
B Splixx





New Releases on Beatport

3 January, 2022

The Darkside (B-Splixx Remix) Original Mix
out on beatport and all other main music shops!

The Darkside

B Splixx third release on Beatport;
Bun Dem System
Also available at all major online music stores.
Original mix by Illegal Trixx, remixes by Jerzz & Papaverhof

Bun Dem System

B Splixx second release on Beatport;
BLC017 - B Splixx - Saxosy EP by BLC Recordings
Also available at all major online music stores.
Original mix by B Splixx, remixes by Lee Trax and Nick De Voost, Costela & Subground 3000

B Splixx first release on Beatport;
Deep Tech Sessions, Vol. 1, by Frequency Shift Recordings
Also available at all major online music stores.
Original tracks by Protyv (Spain), Squal G (France), Subground_3000 (France), Waffensupermarkt (Germany) & B Splixx (The Netherlands)


Frequency Shift Mixes Vol.5 Retrospective 2019 - Mixed by Olivier Sarry (Free Download!!!) HEARTHIS.AT


B Splixx produces Techno, Acid, Oldskool-/Jazz-/Soul-/Tech-/Progressive-/Deep-House, Hip Hop, TripHop, Dub, Reggae, Drum & Bass and Trap.


B Splixx releases on all major music sites like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, Itunes, GooglePlay, Shazam, Amazon, Beatport, etc.


Music Videos:

If you do not want to miss any of B Splixx Video's subscribe to his Youtube channel.


B Splixx is a Dutch Producer
of House Music, since

Little history:
It all started with a Commodore 16, later a 64. Later on in the early '90s I worked with an Amiga 600 (2mb memory) using a program called Octamed. This tracker had 4 mono or 2 stereo sample tracks and 8 midi tracks (when friends lend me a synth and/or drumcomp).

Later I start working with pentiums and an Oxygen 8 midi keyboard and used programs like Rebirth and Reason.

Nowadays I use Ableton Live together with my gear:
· Push2,
· 2x Novation Launchcontrol XL midimixer,
· Korg Minilogue XD polyphonic analogue synthesizer,
· Roland TB-03 Bass-Line,
· Roland Aira TR-8S rhythm performer drumcomputer,
· HP504 Roland Digital Piano,
· M-Audio SP-2 piano-style sustain pedal,
· Danelectro Fab Distortion pedal,
· NUX Time Core Deluxe delay pedal,
· Sennheiser E 865 S condensator microphone,
· Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audiointerface,
· Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones,
· Sony WH-1000X M3 headphones,
· Adam Audio T7V monitor speakers,
· Yamaha HS8 monitor speakers,
· Spirit Folio analog mixer,
· Hercules RMX 2 DJ console.

and lots of vst's like; Massive, Nexus, BassStation, Vacuum Pro, Avenger, FabFilter, FAT, Bias-Amp, Gain Reduction, Raum, Reaktor, TDR Nova, Izotope Ozone, BlueARP, Dblue Glitch etc.

I don't compose by rules but pure on feeling/hearing and love it when sounds take me to directions i never had thought of.

I try to keep Electronic Music freaky and original.



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